Playing in the Dirt

After joining a small group of footballers for several matches once a week or so, I found myself with cleats that were gunned with dirt. Usually, commercial shots of products portray them brand new with no flaws or even smudges from your finger tips. The studio can almost feel like a sterile lab when handling glass or reflective surfaces which is why it can be a lot of fun to work with used and, in this case, filthy products. One benefit of creating a brand new looking image is that you have a particular goal in post – namely, removing all marks, scuffs, smudges, etc. However, working with something dirty has a lot of grey area in deciding how dirty you want the item to look – what you keep and what you take out. Below are a few of the images from the cleats but with no post. Enjoy!

New Place

I was recently invited to create a portfolio at Cargo Collective. I found their designs to be very simple and effective. Check out my work at

In creating the portfolio, I also managed to dig up some more images to include under “Places”. Here are those images: